Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church Undertakes Project

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, with the support of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, is compiling a history of the church, one of the oldest in Eagle Rock.

Saint Barnabas Church began as a mission in 1908 and services were held in the old Masonic Temple. Services were also held in private homes until a small frame church was built at the corner of Norwalk and Ellenwood. The present church was built in 1924, funded entirely by donations from the people of Eagle Rock.

The church is small by today’s standards, but is an example of early 20th century architecture. This historic gem has gothic, craftsman, Tudor, and ’20s elements with ornate stained glass windows, all reflecting the ideals of eclectic architecture that have stood the test of time.

The parish of Saint Barnabas asks for the community’s participation in researching and gathering information about the history of the church, especially the names of the architect and craftsmen who built it. Ultimately, a book will be written about the church. Documents, stories, and photos are welcome, as are volunteers to help with searching the archives.

Those who would like to be part of this project can send ideas, photos and memories to Alicia Nakata. Please do not send original photos or documents. If possible scan them and send them to or mail copies to A. Nakata, Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2109 Chickasaw Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90041. Questions can be directed to (323) 254-7569.

Everyone is welcome at church services on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.