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By Odalis A. SUAREZ

It was Senior Pastor Dave Roberts’ first day back at Montrose Church this past Tuesday and he was busy. The pastor, who has called Montrose Church his home for 22 years, had just returned from his first sabbatical.
“It was a time to rest, to read,” explained Roberts of his time away.
Generally, pastors take a sabbatical every seven years to reinvigorate and refocus. However, for Pastor Roberts, the “right moment” to take time off never seemed to come along.
“The opportunity hadn’t been there and this was the first opportunity to do that,” he said adding that he knew taking the break “would be a healthy thing to do.”
His time off lasted five weeks, most of which he traveled, visiting Cambria, Monterey, San Francisco, Mt. Saint Helens, Wash. and Portland and Brookings in Oregon.
“It started off with a week in Newport Beach,” he said.
Not only did Roberts enjoy some alone time but he was also able to spend quality time with his family.
“I did the first three weeks alone and then my wife joined me in San Francisco,” he said.
Though not the quickest method, he chose to drive the entire trip that stretched from California to Washington and back. For the pastor, “It was a lot more relaxing just to drive.”
He found that driving also allowed him the chance to do some things he might have missed otherwise. He went whale watching in Monterey, and hiked and visited a few rivers.
“Each one was unique in its own way,” he said of the cities he visited.
Despite enjoying his summer getaway, Roberts is eager to return to his pastoral duties at Montrose Church.
“I’m ready to get back, [though] it was good to be away, it was restful,” he said adding that attending a staff meeting was one of his first duties upon returning. “It was good to reconnect with everybody and catch up.”
With his sabbatical completed for this year, the pastor must now make plans for his next vacation in 2011.
“I’m supposed to take an extended sabbatical next year,” he said. Already thinking ahead, Roberts wants to make his next trip more of an educational experience, possibly going out of the country.
“Reeducation and [a] time to renew your resources,” he said of 2011. “Next summer would be more along those lines.”
Montrose Church is located at 2409 Florencita Drive in Montrose.

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