There’s Treasure in this Box

Local church helps distribute discounted food boxes – available to everyone – that helps folks eat well in a challenging economy.


In this tough economic time, everyone is looking to save a few dollars and La Cañada’s St. George’s Episcopal Church is prepared to help.

St. George’s is partnering with a company called the Treasure Box, a non profit organization. The Treasure Box sells food that either was left over from a surplus or the label on package was misprinted. For example, explained St. George’s deacon Anthony Keller, a company won’t sell a pack of carrots that had a label spelled with an extra ‘r.’ The carrots are still good, so the Treasure Box buys the items at wholesale prices and passes along that savings to the public. The Treasure Box sells the food at the discounted price and churches like St. George’s help distribute the boxes. In short, it’s a way for people to stretch their food dollar. Recipients of the boxes can save up to 65%. The food retails for $60 to $85, but a Treasure Box only costs $32.

“It’s a great saving for families. It’s really good for seniors on a fixed income,” said Keller.

“Our food is top quality,” said Chris Balian, a representative for Treasure Box. He said the company follows USDA guidelines.

A Treasure Box could feed a family of four for a week or an individual for three weeks. The August Treasure Box selections offers 20 to 25 pounds of frozen food including breaded chicken patties, beef meatloaf, turkey hot dogs, whole chicken, beef stroganoff, cheese ravioli, mini corn on the cob, green beans, elbow pasta, bran cereal with raisins and cake.  There are other boxes available including a smaller box at a reduced price, a kids’ box, a hearty protein box and a healthy box. Some brands the company works with are Sara Lee, Stouffer’s, Kraft and Nestle.

“The wonderful thing is [there is] no minimum requirements. Anyone can order. It can really help anyone,” said Keller.

“This program is for everybody,” agreed Balian. “There are no requirements. We don’t ask for income information. It’s for anyone who wants to save money on groceries.”

To purchase a Treasure Box, visit and pay by a credit card. To pay with cash, contact Anthony Keller at (818) 790-3323. The August deadline to order is Wednesday, Aug. 17. The pick-up date is Saturday, Aug. 27.

“This really helps people budget themselves and plan meals ahead of time,” said Balian.

Treasure Box started two and a half years ago and has completed 36 months of delivery. They distribute all over California from San Diego to Northern California, Nevada and Arizona. They have sold 250,000 boxes online. That number does not include boxes purchased in cash.

Keller said that anyone can volunteer to help distribute the Treasure Boxes. A volunteer doesn’t even have to be a member of St. George’s.

To volunteer, contact Keller.

“It’s a great way for the community here to help others,” said Keller.

“It’s not a hand out,” said Balian. “It’s a hand up … it saves a lot of money on [someone’s] grocery bill.”

  • Tim

    Dear Treasure Box Friends,

    With heavy hearts, we must share some sad news with you; September will be the last month that Treasure Box will be serving communities. We want to personally thank you for loyalty and support of our program throughout the past 3 years.

    When we began serving 3 years ago, many were experiencing the severe pinch of the recession with rapidly escalating food, gas and utility prices combined with a loss or cutback of their jobs and nowhere to turn for relief. With our community partners by our side, Treasure Box was able to step into that gap to provide much needed relief for families squeezed on every side by the economy.

    Unfortunately in recent months, we have also been hit hard by rising food costs, supplier issues and skyrocketing fuel charges, making it difficult to continue to provide the outstanding cost savings we once could. Although the economy is still in major turmoil and we still offer our customers value for their money, our value proposition has been diminishing over the past 6 months.

    Our goal from the onset has always been to serve with 3 E’s: Excellence, Executable and Exceeding Expectations. Once we recognized we could no longer continue to do that, we realized that The Treasure Box’s season of service had reached its end. Although we are profoundly sad because we love our partners and YOU our customers, it is time to say goodbye.

    This month, September, will be our final distribution. Our last order deadline will be September 14th, with our final distribution on Saturday, September 24th. We will only accept online orders for September, as it will be on a first come, first served basis. If you need to pay with cash, please contact your local host site to see if they can facilitate your purchase.

    We’re adding extra value to our boxes this month for you, our loyal customers. Instead of selling off our inventory to institutions, we’d rather put those extra items into the boxes and provide you with the best value possible to thank you for your faithfulness. In addition, we’ll be putting some “bonus” items that aren’t listed on the menu into our regular monthly Treasure Box as another token of our appreciation. Don’t forget to order early since some of the boxes might not last until the September 14th deadline. Please view our final menus here.

    Please help us spread the word to all your family, friends and neighbors about the extra value in our boxes this month. We’re determined to finish strong…serving with the 3 E’s right up until the very end. Order a box for yourself or one to give away. There are so many that could use food this month. Let’s conclude this season of service with joy and grateful hearts, order your boxes and come out one last time to thank all the volunteers who have helped to make this all possible.

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    Thank you again, Treasure Box friends! It has been a privilege and honor to serve you these past 3 years!

    Warmest Regards,

    Steve Guy

    Executive Director


    Marianne Richards

    Regional Manager