New Pastor Welcomed to Montrose Community Church

Montrose Community Church

Montrose Community Church recently welcomed a new pastor to help the church continue to grow. Terry Neven and his wife, Laura, are new to MCC and are hoping to bring a new light to the church in decline.

“Montrose was looking for a pastor who can help them rebuild their congregation,” said Neven. “Their congregation has been on the decline for the last 10 years and they were facing a number of difficulties. Their congregation, sorting through what to do, contacted me knowing that I had been able to help churches grow. I pastored two churches – Household of Faith and then San Fernando Foursquare – both of which are in the valley, with Household of Faith being folded into San Fernando Foursquare.”

Those churches have grown and flourished alongside Neven’s other major accomplishment – Sunland Christian School. This private school provides third party accountability and resources to help families who educate their children at home, and has served over 4,000 students. Neven brings the same passion to his new role as pastor of MCC, hoping to help the church in any way he can.
Pastor Terry & Laura Neven
“We are helping the church become organized,” said Neven. “We’re helping them to provide a new presentation of themselves to the community and endeavor to reach new people who are looking for church as well as reaching new people for Christ.”

Pastor Neven is not alone in his mission, though. He brings with him Laura, his wife and a pastor in her own right.

“My wife is a part of this team. She was actually a licensed faith leader with San Fernando United Methodist Church and she was also going through the local pastor training and actually filled in the pastoral role there at that church. So she has a pastoral background as well, but I’m classified as the pastor and she is Mrs.”

The Nevens began with MCC on July 5 after Rev. Bryan Griem parted ways with the church on June 28. Though they have only been here a short time, Terry said that he has already felt the community’s presence.

“I will say that other local churches have already extended a hand of fellowship to me and have even offered assistance. We have obtained a musician from another local church in order to assist us during this time and we are very appreciative of that support.”

Montrose Community Church is located at 2416 Montrose Ave.