St. George’s Prepares for Laundry Love

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By McKenna MIDDLETON, intern

When considering the needs of low-income families and community members, food and shelter are the first necessities that come to mind. It takes a few moments of reflection to recognize the importance of clean clothes and sheets. The founders of Laundry Love sparked a nationwide project by partnering with churches, service organizations and laundry mats to provide clean clothes and bedding to families and individuals living in poverty.

There are many branches of the Laundry Love initiative, one of which is located in Hollywood. The projects take place at a local Laundromat where community members living in poverty are welcome to bring their clothes and bedding. A group of volunteers then do their laundry for them, providing a physical act of service as well as an act of love. Participants on both ends of the project build relationships and friendships as well as gaining personal growth through the project.

St. George’s Episcopal Church in La Cañada is set to partner with an already existing branch of the project in Hollywood. The new outreach ministry is still in its planning stages and a small group from the church is set to observe the existing program to better understand how it works.

The church hopes to eventually begin a local branch of Laundry Love in Sunland, providing a necessity to low-income and homeless members of the community. The launch will require volunteers with a heart for service as well as a suitable and willing Laundromat to host the event. Most chapters of Laundry Love operate weekly to optimally provide for community members that benefit from the project.

St. George’s is ready even in these early stages of the project to see where this new outreach will lead their church.

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