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The Light on the Corner Church in Montrose has created a new entrance, designed and painted by artist Ana Guttierez.  “What we want to do with this mural is to have it be very welcoming and make people feel at home,” explained Pastor Jon Karn. “I took Ana for a tour of Montrose and took some photos of some of the landmarks of the shopping mall and the foothills behind them. She blew up the photos and recreated them on the entire entrance wall.” Starting on the left of the wall is the Montrose clock -set at 10:45 a.m. the time of the Sunday service -The Coffee Bean, the bowling alley, Joselito’s, Rocky Cola Café, Twigs ‘n Things few other local businesses and at the far right, a beautiful rendering of the soon-to-be refurbished church. “Above all of that in the sky, we have written what our purpose is – ‘We are a growing family, driven by love to make authentic followers of Jesus Christ,’” said Pastor Karn.
An open invitation is extended to the community to visit and attend the church located at 1911 Waltonia Drive. Shown from left are Barbara Summers, chairman of Lifht on the Corner Church council and Pastor Jon Karn.

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