New Beginnings at Montrose Community Church

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For the first time in almost 20 years, there has been a facelift to a local church making the drive down Montrose Avenue a pleasant cruise. Through the hard work of its members and pastoral staff, along with generous contributions, Montrose Community Church has experienced some great improvements that include the nightly lighting of the church’s cross, which makes it visible at night for blocks. The cross had not been illuminated for almost 30 years, and now displays a soft blue light along with the 40-foot tall metal cross illuminated by flood lights. The lighting around the church at night has also been restored, giving the building a welcoming look.
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A big improvement is the complete repainting of the church facility. The trim and stucco were painstakingly prepared by local business James Lee’s House Painting Company that provided the church with its new look. An accent color was added to the stucco by the front offices to give the building a more modern look. Signs have been added to direct visitors and members to parking and are helpful in locating places within the church facility.

But perhaps the greatest improvement are the changes in worship, the additional activities, Bible studies, men and women’s groups and the open arms of its congregation. Everyone is invited to come and worship, see the improvements and enjoy the new friendships blossoming at Montrose Community.

Montrose Community is located at 2416 Montrose Ave., Montrose. Visit the church’s website at, “like” them on Facebook, or contact the church for more information at (818) 488-4375.

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