Youth Service and Table Theology


St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church is reaching out to community youth who would like to help design a faith service they would want to attend for March 9 at 5 p.m.

“The service would be geared toward [youth],” said Holly Cardone, church administrator.

She and Eli Locke, who is a band member at the church, have been talking to kids about what they would like to see in a service.

“I want them to create and design their own experience,” Cardone said. “It is a place where kids of all faith traditions or no faith traditions can come and explore, to bring their faith and questions, and doubts, about God and Christianity.”

The service will be open to all regardless whether they are members of St. Luke’s or not.

“I think we have a community of young people who need more direction and help. Not direction in how to get to college but help them find their own way,” she added.

St. Luke’s has a history of exploring their faith through open dialogue. Their Table Theology program is a way to bring together those who understand their faith and those who are questioning. Once a month Bryan Jones, vicar at St. Luke’s of the Mountains, will pose a theological question. February’s question, for example, was, “What do we know about God and how do we come by that knowledge?”

The group meets at Zen Sushi at 2650 Foothill Blvd. at 7 p.m. The next meeting will be on March 20, and all are welcome.

Photos left are of St. Luke’s of the Mountains (bottom) and the church’s annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony (top).

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