Lent – A Time for Reflection

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Rev. Pr. Jorge Pallares, associate vicar, administers the ashes on parishioner Larry Stammer’s forehead during Ash Wednesday services.


Ash Wednesday, this year held on Feb. 18, signifies the beginning of Lent season. For many Christians this is a time of reflection.

“[It is a time to find] how we grow closer to God,” said Rev. Fr. Kirby Smith of St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church.

He added the journey of reflection is traveled in three ways. The first is through prayer and reading the scriptures, the second is through giving alms and the third is practicing abstinence or taking on a discipline.

During the time of Lent, crosses that are displayed in churches are shrouded. This is to signify the darkness without Christ.

“It is a time when we envision our life without Christ,” Smith said.

Lent is commonly thought of as lasting 40 days, however it is really 46 days. Sundays are not included because that is the day that is celebrated for the Lord, he said.

Lent ends on Easter morning, and traditionally a great celebration with flowers and colorful clothing takes place.

“This [signifies] that Jesus has entered our lives,” Smith said.

Easter is on April 5.

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