Richard B. Krause

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Dec. 7, 1942 – Dec. 5, 2015

Richard Krause, the Ole Skipper, Glendale firefighter and fire captain for 27 years, passed away suddenly Dec. 5. He had been retired 17 years and was fully enjoying the good life playing golf, camping and fishing, RV-ing to the mountains, ocean and Monument Valley. He had a lifelong passion for classic cars.

A natural athlete, his pursuits included snow- and water-skiing and tennis. A longtime runner, he loved all sports and the outdoors. And animals, especially dogs, which many of his closest friends were.

Born to parents Ruby and Bud Krause in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he quickly learned he wasn’t crazy about school, but excelled in winter sports, ice-skating and medaling and “lettering” in downhill ski-racing, slalom and ski-jumping.

Enlisting in the Marines, he sailed to Japan and Hawaii, and was honorably discharged in 1964. That page in his life meant a lot to him. Semper fi!

He met and married his love and best friend, Kathy Keating, while he was a division manager at Sears Roebuck. They spent 46 years together pursuing adventures: driving the ALCAN Highway from L.A. through B.C., the Yukon and Alaska in an eight foot camper, finally boarding the Alaska State Ferry and sailing through the Inland Passage home.

There were ski trips to the French and Italian Alps, Mexico camping trips, and RV-ing through a lot of Canada. A full and wonderful life well lived!

When he joined the fire department in the early ’70s, he found the career of his lifetime – he loved it! And he loved the guys he worked with, and the camaraderie they shared!

He returned to school earning his A.S. degree and taught fire science at Glendale College. Additionally, as animals were one of his many interests, he studied and became a docent at the L.A. Zoo for two years.

He has three wonderful siblings, sisters Sue McClanahan (Vern), Joann Eichten (Gary), and Judy Barbeau (Rich), all of whom reside in Minnesota.

He is greatly missed by his large family and many friends, including sister-in-law Trish Keating, cousin Cheryl Coughlin and many many beloved nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his parents and lifelong best friend Bob Fiske.

Further obituary for Richard is posted at memories/103092832 where others can post their comments and stories.

Memorial services will be held at Forest Lawn Glendale at the Church of The Recessional on Jan. 23 at 10 a.m. A Celebration of Life will follow the services.

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  1. Virginia Wieriman Harris says:

    Richard, whom I called Dicky, was a neighbor of mine. He lived up the block on the corner of Morgan Ave North and I lived down the alley from him on Newton. We played together as grade-schoolers and saw each other off and and after that through Junior and Senior High. He was always fun and friendly. At North High reunions I was always glad to get caught up and hear about his life. One time he said to me,” Virginia, I still need adult supervision.” Evidently he was having way too much fun! Is that Richard or what!

  2. Richard Spinner & Lili says:

    My dog is a fine judge of character and she thought the world of Richard. We all did. When we would make the turn near his house on our walks she would pull as hard as she could if she saw him sitting on the porch or tinkering on his Porsche. He always had a bag of doggie treats and a fresh water bowl waiting for the dogs. Sitting on the porch and yakking about fishing and life in general was a pure pleasure I will sorely miss. My deepest sympathies and best wishes to Richard’s family. This came as such a shock. He will be deeply missed by many friends.

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