Carlene Sue Daniels

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Carlene Sue Daniels passed on June 5 due to health complications. She was a lover of all animals, with her favorites being horses, the California desert tortoise and Unicorns.

Sue worked as a security officer at Universal Studios and enjoyed becoming part of the “family” on shows such as “Murder She Wrote” and “Airwolf.” With great pride, she was also a member of the Bob & Kathy Burns Halloween Crew having worked on several of their famous scene recreations from classic movies. Each was performed as a free Halloween treat to the joy of thousands. Other members of the crew made up the ‘A’ list of Hollywood’s FX, writing, musical and acting talent. All were joined together by their love of sharing the fun side of Halloween.

A long time fan of science fiction and fantasy, Sue often attended science fiction conventions. Over the years, Sue had amassed a mammoth collection of books, artwork and memorabilia.

She is survived by a loving mother Roberta Daniels and brother David Daniels, as well as a few saddened fairies.


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