Gerald Earl Seeley

Gerald Earl Seeley
April 2, 1982 – April 11, 2012

Gerald Earl Seeley was born on April 2, 1982 in Los Angeles. He was the son of his beloved mother Doreen and father Ron.

When Gerald came home to his sister Natasha, she was so happy to have someone to play with.

He was a bright and inquisitive child who had so many questions. Doreen, an educator, would tell Gerald that he only had one more question to ask for the rest of the night. He was so curious about the world.

Gerald loved all sports. His passion for baseball, basketball and soccer strengthened his character in keeping close ties with his teammates. The greatest team player he had was not only his coach, but his father and friend.

Gerald and Natasha had so many common interests, debatable discussions and the strongest bond of loyalty. She gave him courage to improve on life and explore the possibilities of what he could do.

Gerald was a man of kindness, thoughtfulness and charm. He planned for the future, lived in the moment and reminisced about the past. As a project manager at a construction firm, his wealth of knowledge, honorary achievements (magna cum laude) and plain genius contributed to the success of that company.

In the absence of his mother, Ron, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill played an important role in his life. They nurtured and loved him. They taught him about responsibility and determination and to reach for all of his dreams.

He has left behind a circle of friends from childhood through adolescence to his KA brothers. Gerald talked about everyone from Tujunga hills to the hallways of every school he attended.

He also leaves a family and fiancé who adored him and thinks the world of him. Gerald touched each and every one of our lives.

A burial plot has been purchased for him at Forest Lawn in Glendale. His wish is to be buried by his mother. Please visit to send contributions to the family to help the costs of his memorial. All contributions are appreciated.

Thank you for making his wish come true.

  • jessica lopez

    He will be greatly missed.. i had the privledge of being his gf years ago and it was a great 4 years… always in my heart never forgotten.. my prayers go out to his family and fiance….

  • wendy

    I will always love you and I know you are still smiling and laughing!

  • Cousin Sharilyn

    I miss you and I LOVE YOU! You will always be close to my heart. xoxo

  • Glenn O

    God speed Gerald, you are missed and loved.