Weather In the Foothills

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“I’m going where the sun keeps shining thru’ the pouring rain”

– Fred Neil, composer of music used in the movie “Midnight Cowboy”

Weather preference can be compared to movies. Last Sunday was Hollywood’s big night – The Academy Awards. This year the Oscar goes to….?  Well, as usual, there was a variety to choose from and a much anticipated outcome. While some of us (like myself) would rather be “Singing in The Rain” – a classic movie that although was nominated for two Academy Awards, won nothing – most people (like my son) would rather be “…where the sun keeps shining…” – a touching piece from the movie “Midnight Cowboy,” the Oscar winner in 1969 for Best Movie. Is there an award given for Best Weather In A Small Town? I would have nominated ours of last weekend. With all our votes counted, the decision would be an easy one!

The big winner was “ La Crescenta’s  Snowstorm of February 2011.” This much anticipated event arrived, as predicted, by meteorologist professional and amateur alike.

First came the rain. We were at our youngest son’s college track meet in Ventura when it began. Nothing ever stops a race, except for lightening. Runners are a crazy bunch!  By the last event it was pouring. Wet, shivering athletes climbed aboard busses and headed home. My husband and I (and of course Abby) didn’t want to miss the storm front moving on shore. You would have thought we were reporters for The Weather Channel on the beach with palm trees blowing in the windswept rain. When we arrived back in CV a cold storm had settled in and eventually dropped  3.27 inches of rain. The grand finale of the weekend was the snow that fell. The foothills became a winter wonderland: mitten-clad laughing children, various styles of snowmen (and women!) added to the population, friendly neighbors and a feeling of all was right with the world. And all because of two inches of snow.  Are snowflakes magic? I think they may be.

Scientific observation led me to a conclusion that snow does not require a person to use  an umbrella. But there is a 40% chance you will need one when the CV Weekly is delivered, as a weak frontal system will move across the area. By Saturday enjoy clear skies and warmer temperatures in the 70s, ushered in by gusty NE winds. Nights will remain in the 40s.

According to my friendly meteorologist contact at the NWS in Ventura, by the first of the week expect partly to mostly cloudy skies with a chance of showers. So here we go again, “… just singin’ in the rain”!

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