UPDATE: Missing Bikers Found





The four missing mountain bikers did not suffer any injuries from their unplanned overnight stay in the Angeles National Forest, said Lt. Angela Shepard.

“They were uninjured. They took a wrong turn and ended up in Bear Canyon instead of JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory],” Shepard said.

The four men had planned on biking from Mt. Wilson to JPL. Their wrong turn caused them to spend the night in ANF. They made a fire overnight to keep warm and were found by Sierra Madre Search and Rescue who were hiking the trail. [It was earlier reported that Altadena Search and Rescue found the men].

The bikers were hiked out by the search and rescue team to Switzer Falls and they were transported to Mt. Wilson where they met up with family.


The missing bikers that search and rescue teams had been looking for since yesterday were  found near Bear Canyon in the Angeles National Forest. The Altadena Search and Rescue found the lost bikers at about 8:45 a.m. this morning. There was no immediate information on their condition however the Altadena team was hiking them out of the area.

“Altadena [Search and Rescue] received a call about 7 p.m. and they requested Montrose Search and Rescue to assist about 9 p.m.” said Mike Leum, member of MSR.

The teams were out all night covering areas that they thought the bikers would likely be in however there was no sign of them.

Family members contacted the Altadena Sheriff’s Station reporting the men missing. Information on an apparent intended biking route had been found on one of the men’s computer. The route was from Red Box riding down through Switzer Falls to Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Two vehicles were found at the beginning of that route and two at the end, Leum said.

Air support assisted the teams throughout the day and night.

Check back for an update on the condition of the bikers.