Counterfeit Suspect Charged

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On Dec. 13 at 12:55 p.m., Glendale police were called to the 2300 block of Honolulu Avenue in the Montrose Shopping Park concerning a man who had attempted to use a counterfeit bill to obtain change at Revelation Tops. The suspect, later identified as Ronald Golden, 46, of Hawthorne had allegedly gestured to the victim that he had a gun.

The police officer arrived at the location and attempted to locate Golden. Customers inside Merle Norman Cosmetics indicated the suspect was in Panache Hair and Nail Studio and flagged the officer. The officer saw Golden inside Panache; he was walking toward the rear of the business.

Because it had been reported that the suspect had a possible weapon, the officer instructed those inside Panche to evacuate. Another officer arrived and both the back and the front entrances were watched. As the police were waiting for additional officers, a woman reported that she believed the man was in Joselito’s Mexican restaurant.

Employees at Joselito’s were contacted and confirmed Golden was in the restaurant. When the officer entered, an employee reported the suspect was in the back of the restaurant. The officer found Golden and, at gunpoint, told him to show his hands and instructed him to exit the restaurant.

Golden was handcuffed and detained as the investigation continued. Several people approached the officer and reportedly told him they had been victimized by Golden. Golden had used a counterfeit $50 bill to purchase items in order to obtain change.

Golden had allegedly purchased a gift at Revelation Tops for $10.82; he handed the employee a $50 bill. When the employee took the bill, she noticed it felt different and attempted to verify the bill. Once she realized the bill was possibly counterfeit, she told Golden she was unable to accept the cash. He allegedly said, “No, you’re gonna give me my change and tie a bow on the gift.”

While he was saying this to the employee, he put his right hand into his right jacket pocket, leaning toward her in a threatening manner. She believed the threat so, fearing he would harm her, she handed him the change.

Once Golden was arrested, the officer reportedly found over $1,400 in cash along with a $50 counterfeit bill.

Golden allegedly used counterfeit bills at the Hair Studio, City Hall Café  and the Antique Store.

The owner of Panche reported that she saw Golden walked into her shop, unaware of what had transpired at earlier stores. He was looking to the rear of the store, then to the front several times but did not appear to be nervous. He was “calm and cool” reported the owner. He repeatedly said he needed to use the restroom. She told him she did not have a public restroom and suggested he go to Joselito’s restroom next door. She reported she then saw Golden drop a white paper bag he was holding and he rushed to the back door.

He ran up the back stairs and into the parking area. Another witness reported seeing Golden enter Joselito’s and was sitting at a booth eating chips and salsa.

Golden has been charged with one count of robbery, six counts of burglary and six counts of fraud.

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