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Dec. 15
2500 block of Mary Street in La Crescenta, the driver’s passenger window was shattered on a vehicle overnight.

Little Tujunga Canyon and Santa Clara Truck Trail in the Angeles National Forest, a man said he and his son had left the shooting range in the area and were driving to their residence. They noticed, after driving about six miles, that several vehicles were behind them driving extremely close. At one point, three of the vehicles passed his car almost causing his son, the driver, to lose control. The road in this area has a tight curve.

After that, three vehicles that passed the father and son continued traveling on to Little Tujunga Canyon Road. The pair saw the three vehicles pulled to the side. The man and son stopped. The father wanted to tell the drivers to slow down and to be cautious in the area. A male quickly walked up to the passenger side window of the man’s car. The father told him he was driving too fast; the man told him to get out of the car; the father did and the man screamed at him that he was not the only one driving fast and then punched the father in the face.

The father was knocked back; the son came out to help and the suspect and son began to wrestle on the ground. The father pulled the suspect off the son and the suspect fled the scene with the other three men that were with the other cars.

The men apparently apologized for the suspect’s behavior before they left.

The incident occurred on Dec. 14 at 5:30 p.m.

Dec. 14
Viro Road and Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada Flintridge, deputies responded to a call concerning mail theft. When they arrived, a woman reported that she had found a large pile of trash under a bush along her property line. She discovered the trash was U.S. mail. The mail was wet from nearby sprinklers.

Deputies contacted several victims and found that their mail had been taken by person(s) unknown. Several items of mail were taken from several residences between Dec. 12 and 14.

2800 block of Prospect Avenue in La Crescenta, the driver’s side window and the rear passenger window of a vehicle was shattered. Nothing appeared to be stolen overnight.

4800 block of Ocean View Boulevard in La Cañada, a resident arrived to find two bedrooms in her home had been ransacked and computers, a hard drive and cash were stolen between 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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