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Hi, CV!

We’ve been CV Alliance for a year! And it’s been a year since we premiered our new website. Again, I want to spotlight Melinda Clarke for coming up with “CV Alliance” and thank Melinda, Joe Allen, Kim Beattie and Brian Landisi for working on content and layout. It’s my job to keep it current, and I do so almost daily. Last month 72.8% of our 385 visitors were new. I am pleasantly surprised by people who write to say they like our website and then offer new resources for us to post. It was our intention to have as complete and relevant guide as possible, and we keep working to improve.  Next year we will make the shift to a more visual website, and will upload videos in different languages to further educate parents looking for information. Finally, we won a Silver Davey Award for content! Named after David vs. Goliath, this national competition recognizes websites built by small-scale firms.

Another improvement is the change of venue to CV High’s library for all of our talks. This move increased attendance. Many thanks to Principal Linda Junge and her custodial staff for making us feel welcome. Last Tuesday my colleague, Julia Rabago, reminded parents how important it is to reduce their own stress so they can help kids reduce theirs. She shared a myriad of useful, concrete tips. One mom even joined us at Wednesday’s Walk & Talk to learn more! And for our last teen trials, Rosanna Cacace told parents and students that if you’re someone who ditches your friends to be with your boy/girlfriend, that’s not a healthy dating relationship. This was Rosanna’s first time speaking to an audience of both parents and children. The willingness of everyone to speak up made the conversation more meaningful. Heartfelt thanks to all of the schools who help promote our talks. Your parents are coming out!

Finally, Patrick Francis, our graphic design intern senior at Mississippi State University, makes the eye-catching flyers that brought parents to our parent sessions.  Look for more in 2015, and we’ll keep an eye out for you!

Suzy Jacobs
is the executive director of

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