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Measure S Projects Reviewed

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File photo  Potential projects eligible for funding through Measure S, which was strongly supported by members of the Glendale Unified School District board, are now being decided by the board.


The GUSD school board continued to mull over their options regarding Measure S funded projects during the latest school board meeting.

The district’s legal counsel, Phil Henderson, presented two different options for selecting builders and contractors to the school board, lease-leaseback or the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA). The board did not come to a concrete decision during the meeting, but Henderson did introduce them to the key differences between the two and the pros and cons.

The board also looked at potential Measure S projects, of which they would make more final decisions at the Jan. 17 board meeting. These projects include either the modernization or addition of a new building at College View, lights in addition to the already to-be-revamped Hoover field and increased parking at Roosevelt Middle School.

According to district Chief Business and Financial Officer Eva Lueck, these newer Measure S projects were considered after hearing from various members of the community at meetings such as the Facility Users Meeting held at Glendale High last week.

While the details of these plans will be touched upon further at the Jan. 17 meeting, the board did discuss of some of these projects, with some of the board members, including Mary Boger and Christina Walters, already voicing their support for more lighting at Hoover High.

Lueck also updated the board on the funding situation, saying that about $22 million would come from state funding and about $33 million would come from Measure S funding. Lueck did say that she “fully anticipated the state funding to increase.”

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