The Parade Came to Town!

Photos by Leonard COUTIN and Dan HOLM
Photos by Leonard COUTIN and Dan HOLM


The 37th Annual Montrose Glendale Christmas Parade began just as the rains ended.

Saturday morning was cold and wet, which may have been why the normally lawn chair-packed Honolulu Avenue seemed a little sparse come parade time. As the day grew later and the sun continued to peek out behind dark clouds the avenue began to fill.

Hot chocolate, coffee and tea were in the hands of many who sat and watched as about 140 entries rolled past. The opening of the parade, as is tradition, was Santa waving from a Glendale Police Dept. helicopter as it flew overhead. He flew over a couple of times as crowds looked up and cheered. Then it was the turn of local officials and organizations to wave at those sitting along Honolulu.

The Montrose Glendale Christmas Parade Committee is taking a well-deserved break but will soon be back to plan the 38th annual parade. While many think either the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce or the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. organizes the parade that is not the case. Though both are supporters of the annual event, it is a separate committee that oversees the planning of the Montrose Glendale Christmas Parade. To learn more about the Montrose Christmas Parade, visit

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