CV Alliance Hosts Strategy Meeting

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On Friday, the CV Alliance, formerly known as the Crescenta Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition, held a meeting at the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital with strategic partners in their continuing effort to reach out and educate the community on destructive drug and alcohol use.

Outgoing Glendale Police Chief Ron DePompa shared how the coalition started as a response to an increasing drug problem in Crescenta Valley. At that time the issue of drug use had been something that was talked about by some but rarely admitted by many. The Alliance grew from the need for the community to find answers to the difficult problems of drug and alcohol abuse. It has continued on that mission by networking with many other agencies with similar goals, conducting parent sessions and supporting youth outreach.

Congressman Adam Schiff spoke at the Friday meeting about marijuana and the line between federal and state laws. Although the state has voted to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes, it is still against federal law.

“And in this, federal law wins,” he said.

Schiff had worked as a prosecutor prior to becoming a congressman. He spoke of the workload in the federal office and said they do not have time to pursue small drug use issues; however, that does not mean those issues are not important.

He also spoke of the fear drug use brings to parents. He said that his teenage daughter will soon be driving and that concerns him. He does not feel she would use drugs but there are other worries.

“I worry that she will get into a car with someone who is under the influence,” he said. “There is no safe harbor away from this [drug use].”

And he worries if she is on the road that someone else will be driving under the influence.

He commended the CV Alliance for its continued work.

The organization has a new website at

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