Foothills Residents Warned of Rainy, Windy Weather

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Crescenta Valley residents will see rain and wind over the weekend, with wind gusts in the mountains up to 70 miles per hour and snow levels possibly dipping to 5,000 feet.

The rain will begin lightly today with the peak of the storm arriving early Friday morning.

“You could see two to four inches,” said Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service.

Winds will be accompanying this rainstorm with 30 mph to 45 mph sustained winds and 70 mph gusts in the mountains and 15 to 25 sustained winds with gusts to 55 mph in the foothills.

The temperature will also be a little colder than recent days with a low 60 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday.

Since the winds will be a factor, Seto reminded residents to anchor anything that may be blown away, like lawn furniture and garbage cans.

Another less intense rainstorm is expected on Monday through Tuesday next week.

The Los Angeles County Fire Dept. has issued guidelines for residents concerning rainy days and possible mudslides. Los Angeles County firefighters remind residents to be aware of potential mud and debris flow dangers associated with rainy days, especially for those living in post-burn areas of any recent wildfires. The more prepared residents are the better chances for survival during a major water-related emergency.

Residents living in burn areas are advised to:

• Closely monitor radio and television news for updated information about weather conditions and flooding in your area.

• Identify important items to take if evacuation is necessary, such as computers, mobile devices, photos, important documents, medications, and other important items for your family and pets.

• Be prepared to leave immediately if an evacuation is ordered. Have alternate evacuation routes.

• Have an emergency plan that is easy for all family members to understand.

• Have enough food and water to supply your family for at least a 72-hour period.

• Always remember to include a radio and flashlight with fresh batteries in your kit.

• Pick up sandbags and instructional materials at Los Angeles County fire stations.

General storm safety guidelines for Los Angeles County residents:

• Never underestimate the power of storm and debris flows.

• Stay away from flood control channels, catch basins, canyons, and natural waterways, which are vulnerable to flooding during periods of heavy rain.

• Do not attempt to cross flooded areas and never enter moving water on foot or in a vehicle.

• If flooding traps you in your car, stay in your vehicle if possible. If necessary, wait on top of your car for assistance.

• If you become isolated, seek the highest ground available and wait for help.

• If you see someone who has been swept into moving water, do not enter the water and attempt a rescue. Immediately call 9-1-1 and, if possible, throw a rope or some type of floatation device to them.

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