Skateboarding Problem Brought to MSPA Board


On Thursday, the Montrose Shopping Park Association held its monthly meeting to discuss the affairs of the Shopping Park. Issues pertaining to the harvest market, a post-White Friday wrap up and the creation of a committee to investigate lighting of trees and seating areas were discussed and voted on.

One of the bigger issues that was brought to the attention of the MSPA board was that of a letter sent on Dec. 3 to Glendale City Attorney Michael Garcia regarding skateboarders in the Shopping Park. La Crescenta resident Kim Mattersteig presented a letter she wrote to Garcia that included a list of names and signatures of concerned community members and residents who feel strongly about skateboarding in Montrose. The letter was brought to the MSPA board so they would know of the concerns, as well as to garner support. Mattersteig said she was not asking for the MSPA board’s support, but for the support of the individual merchants of Montrose that comprise the board.

The letter outlined some of the issues that residents and patrons experience with skateboarders in the Montrose Shopping Park, specifically on the sidewalks. Under Glendale Municipal Code 10.64.080, skating or coasting devices in certain areas, “No person shall operate or use any skating or coasting device while upon any public roadway, alley or sidewalk in any business district within the city.”

After a near miss with a particularly disrespectful skateboarder, Mattersteig reached out to local law enforcement to see what can be done about enforcing this law.

In her letter, Mattersteig stated she had contacted community officers from the Glendale Police Dept. but did not get a positive response.

In her letter Mattersteig wrote that North Area Commander Lt. Lola Abrahamian responded by stating, “The problem in Montrose is so minor compared to the rest of Glendale.”

The letter was sent to City Attorney Garcia on Dec. 3, but because it is not a legal matter, it was forwarded to Glendale Police Chief Robert Castro, said City of Glendale Public Information Officer Tom Lorenz. This falls under the jurisdiction of public safety and therefore Chief Castro will be the one to respond to Mattersteig. A copy of the letter was also sent to City Manager Scott Ochoa.

“The chief’s number one concern is safety and he will certainly work with [Mattersteig and those who signed the letter] to provide them the answers they need and ease of mind to know that they will be listened to,” Lorenz said.

Mattersteig made special mention in her letter that not all skateboarders are an issue. Many of them follow the law and do not cause a disturbance. But those who do cause a problem that needs to be dealt with by local law enforcement and ticketing should be more prevalent for those in question.