Family Pet Killed by Mountain Lion


Residents in the foothills area are being warned to be cautious due to a recent mountain lion attack on a small dog just off Briggs Avenue. Early Saturday morning, local resident Kim Mattersteig found the remains of her beloved dog Bridgett in the backyard of her home. The dog had been viciously attacked by what authorities told Mattersteig was likely a mountain lion. There are several deep scratches along the back fence of her property that appear to be made by an animal jumping over the fence.

Mattersteig and her husband Paul contacted the Los Angeles County Animal Control that sent an officer out to the area. He traced the likely path of the animal and saw fresh mountain lion paw prints.

The 22-pound elderly dog had used the doggy door during the night. It was not until the next morning the family realized that she had not come back into the house.

There have been several sightings of coyotes in the area as well. Although, according to Andrew Hughan of the California Dept. of Fish and Game, the coyotes do not normally travel in large packs, witnesses have reported seeing six together roaming the streets.

Mountain lions, bobcats, bears and coyotes are all commonly found in the Angeles National Forest. These animals often make their way to the homes in the nearby area. Hughan advised residents not to leave any pet food out, make certain garbage cans are secured and definitely do not feed or leave food out for wild animals.



  • kim matterstseig

    Paul and I thank you Chuck. We’re lucky to have such caring neighbors like you.

    At this time the best we can do is to keep our eyes and ears wide open and encourage the neighbors to do the same.

    As you know, mountain lions and wild cats are very sly, predatory animals. There was no noise during the attack. Yet in the morning what we found was a most horrific and grusome sight. Through talking to neighbors, we have learned of an individual in the upper Briggs Terrace who leaves water out for the bears and feeds them on a routine basis, in addition to frequent sightings of the mountain lion. According to the records on file, no reports to the authorities have been made since April 2013.

    Chuck we need to educate the community.. that feeding the wildlife takes away their natural hunting skills and makes them dependent on humans to survive. What will occur when this person doesn’t have food to offer? Will they become the victim?

    There is nothing we can do for Bridgette now, but as you know she weighed between 22-25 pounds. We have a creepy feeling in the back yard, knowing the lion is still around and have been warned by the officials that it could return for our other dog. (So watch your little one too!)

    More importantly than that, we are terrifed to think that the next attack could be on a defenseless small child.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and condolences.
    Your Friends, K&P

  • chuck weiss

    I’m SO SORRY to hear this happened to your dog, Kim, my heart goes out to you and your family.