Mountain Lion Sightings Prompt Poster Distribution

Mountain Lion Sightings Prompt Poster Distribution


Several Glendale residents in the 91208 area have reported seeing a mountain lion in their area. Posters warning community members of sightings will begin to go up in local neighborhoods tomorrow.

One resident in the 2300 block of Bonita Drive reported seeing a mountain lion jumped a six-foot fence at her home taking her Chihuahua from his doghouse in the early morning hours on Friday.

Ricky Whitman, spokesperson for the Pasadena Humane Society, confirmed that mountain lion sightings have been made in the area and offered some tips to keep backyards less attractive to predators.

“Don’t leave small children or pets unattended in your yards. Don’t let dogs out [alone] at dawn, dusk or during the night because that is when mountain lions are more active,” she said.

Whitman added residents should not leave bowls of food outside that might attract wildlife.

The posters will let people know of the recent sightings, and include advice on what to do if a mountain lion is encountered.

“Don’t run, make noise and be as big as you can [by waving your arms].  If you are with your dog or child, pick them up,” she said.

Sightings include the 800 block of Misty Isle, 1600 block of Del Valle, and the 1400 block of Beaudry Boulevard.

Although the sightings have been in Glendale well away from the Station Fire area, Whitman said she had heard of the recent bear sightings in the foothills of Crescenta Valley.

The areas where the bear and mountain lion have been sighted are near mountainous terrain that has a natural habitation of wild life.

“After the Station Fire, we saw an increase in prey animals [like rabbits and raccoons] then the predators, coyotes and mountain lions [show up],” she said. “Be aware of your surroundings.”

For more information, contact Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA at (626) 792-7151 or