City Charter Amendment Considered

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Glendale City Attorney Michael J. Garcia presented language to the city council on Tuesday night that would change how the position of city treasurer is appointed. The proposed amendment to the city charter would make the position of treasurer a direct appointment of the city manager. Currently potential candidates for the position must campaign in an election in order to obtain the job.

Councilperson Dave Weaver asked Garcia whether the city council would be able to ratify the city manager’s choice. Garcia replied that the amendment could be modified to the needs and wishes of the city council.

“That all [depends] on how council wishes to submit the [charter amendments] to the voters,” he said.

“I would think that would be standard as with all other [city] executives,” added City Manager Scott Ochoa.

Mayor Frank Quintero asked Garcia to ensure that the amendments include language stipulating strict requirements for the position.

Current City Treasurer Ron Borucki spoke up on the dais in favor of the amendment, though he sought clarification and further modifications of the proposal.

Regarding the forthcoming city elections next spring, Borucki said the “winner may very well become the loser” by incurring campaign costs for a position that may ultimately be voted by Glendale citizens to become a direct appointment.

To encourage individuals to run for the office without concern for campaign spending, Borucki proposed delaying implementation of the amendment.

“If the amendment passes [the election],” said Borucki, “it should become effective within a time frame … maybe a year to two years or whatever council suggests. It’s a question of fairness.”

“My inclination is to wait and see how that unfolds in the electorate,” said Ochoa in response.

Most of the council, with the exception of Councilperson Rafi Manoukian, was receptive to Borucki’s ideas.

“The benefit of [appointing the position] is that more people would run for the job if they knew they could make up the money,” said Councilperson Laura Friedman.

Mayor Quintero also agreed.

“The fact that all you currently need for this position is a high school diploma makes no sense,” he said.

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