Mountview Retirement Community Honors Resident Veterans


By Samantha SLAYBACK

Each year on Veterans’ Day,  many people take time to remember and celebrate those who have fought for their country. At Mountview Retirement Community, veterans were celebrated with a special ceremony to unveil a new veterans wall.
Many friends, family, and fellow Mountview residents joined in honoring those who have served this nation.
“We’re very happy with the turnout that we had today,” said Shawn Fitzpatrick, activities assistant for Mountview Retirement Community.
IMG_4815The veterans had front row seats for the ceremony. The Boy Scouts and Cub Scout pack 314 made an appearance and the American Legion and VFW explained the symbolism and importance of folding the American flag. In addition, the “Star Spangled Banner” was sung, a video tribute to the vets was viewed and Executive Director Dana Ramirez read a poem. Many shared their sentiments, including Paula Devine of the Glendale City Council, and then the wall was unveiled.
The veterans wall, titled the Gallery of Honor, includes photos of all of the resident veterans and is located where everyone in the retirement community can easily view and appreciate it.
Fitzpatrick said that a veteran took all of the photos mounted on the Gallery of Honor. The wall will evolve as photos of new resident veterans are posted and photos are returned to the families of veterans who pass away.
A few of those involved in the planning of the event shared their gratitude in being able to be a part of something so special.
“It was an honor to recognize all those veterans who live with us,” said Fitzpatrick.
“This has been a very humbling experience,” said Lysa Gaignard, Healthy Lifestyle director. “This has been four years in the making, between making the wall and raising the flag this morning.”
“This was just such a great event,” said Ramirez. “I do not take our freedom for granted.”IMG_4875