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Deerpass deal finally closes

One of the longest running property negotiations in recent history has come to a close with the announcement that the city has acquired more than 18 acres of open space in the Deerpark area of La Crescenta.

The Glendale City Council reached an agreement in 2001 with developer Sal Gangi to trade some two acres of property on Pennsylvania Avenue for the open space.

Details of the deal have been in negotiation since that time, with much of the delay caused by ongoing issues over development of the Pennsylvania Avenue property.

Gangi plans to build housing on the property, provided full city permits can be acquired.

The land deal was a settlement of city efforts to slow a planned development of the Deerpark property. Gangi agreed to limit that development to two units.

The Pennsylvania Avenue property was surplus Caltrans land acquired by the city after freeway construction.

According to city attorney Scott Howard, the land deal increases the amount of open space acquired by the city since 1998 to more than 585 acres.

Changes coming to Shopping Park

Dale Dawson had some good news for Montrose residents this week: his gift shop, Mountain Rose Gifts, will not be closing next year.

Dawson, former president of the Montrose Shopping Park board of directors, said the rumor of the store’s demise may have started because he is planning to move to a smaller location.

“The business is changing,” he said. “My lease runs out in 2010, and I’m looking for a new location.”

Dawson said he plans to remain in the Shopping Park, both because of his work with the board and to stay near to his wife’s store Revelation Tops.

The local merchant has been the public face for the shopping park since Councilman John Drayman moved on to City Hall.

Black Cow CUP renewed

The Black Cow restaurant on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose will be able to continue to serve alcohol after a hearing before zoning administrator Edith Fuentes.

The restaurant has been in operation in Montrose since 1990 and in common with other Glendale restaurants serves alcohol under a conditional use permit. The most recent CUP expired in July.

The restaurant was not the scene of police calls in the past year, according to the Glendale PD, and has no complaints on record.

Fuentes did order that seven parking places at the rear of the restaurant be open for customer use rather than reserved for delivery vehicles as at present. An eighth space can continue for deliveries.

According to the police report, there are 29 alcoholic beverage permits in Montrose Shopping Park.

Another local dining establishment got good news from the zoning hearing, as New Moon Restaurant was given permission to expand into a neighboring store front.

The restaurant, located at 2138 Verdugo Blvd., will establish a lounge in a former fast food store with a full bar and musical entertainment. The lounge will be allowed to serve alcohol until 2 a.m., seven days a week.

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