CVTC conducting building code survey

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The CV Town Council is conducting a survey to see if current residential building codes are satisfactory for the unincorporated area of La Crescenta.

The following are six questions found on the CVTC website asking for a simple Yes or No response. Respondents can make additional comments.

1. Do you currently reside in a single-family home in the unincorporated La Crescenta/Montrose area?

2. Do you want more building restrictions for Residential properties (R1)?

3. Current Code has maximum Height restrictions of 35 feet from natural grade, not including chimney and or antennas.  Should this be changed?

4. Do you want to limit the size of home based on the size of the lot?

5. Current set-backs: Sides 5 feet, Rear 15, front 20 feet.  Should these be changed?

6. Do we need better code enforcement?

In response to some complaints concerning extra large homes being built in the community, the Crescenta Valley Town Council has formed an “R1 Zone Exploratory Committee” to determine if there is a community desire to make any changes to the Los Angeles County building code for the R1 Zone in the unincorporated area of the Crescenta Valley.

The new committee is taking an unbiased position on the matter and is asking for community input. Any change to the existing L.A County R1 Zone will affect thousands of homeowners, therefore significant participation is sought from the community. It is important that every voice be heard regarding this matter.

The R1 Exploratory Committee asks that anyone who resides in the unincorporated area of the Crescenta Valley visit the CV Town Council website and take the quick and easy survey regarding this important matter. Your personal opinion is important to us and greatly appreciated. All contact information is confidential and will not be released.

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