State Denies Suit Challenging Quintero’s Eligibility


State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris’ office rejected a lawsuit brought  by a pair of Glendale residents challenging Councilmember Frank Quintero’s eligibility for his position. The lawsuit filed by John Rando and Marian Rodas earlier this year contended that Quintero violated Article VI, Section 12 of the Glendale City Charter: “No former councilmember shall hold any compensated city office or city employment until two years after leaving the office of councilmember.”

Quintero’s reappointment to the Glendale City Council came after his predecessor stepped down from the post in order to assume the duties of Glendale City Treasurer. Quintero was chosen to serve in a caretaker position for the remaining term of Rafi Manoukian, which was set to expire next year. The choice drew criticism from some quarters, most notably from Chahe Keuroghelian, who argued that as the runner-up in the 2013 city election  should have been designated to follow Manoukian.

Rando’s and Rodas’ suit was filed in the aftermath of the city’s controversial decision to effectively ban the long-running Glendale Gun Show from its former home at the Glendale Civic Center. Both Rando and Rodas publicly voiced their opposition to their decision.

According to a city press release, Atty. Harris’ office did not consider the legal question posed by the lawsuit to be a “close one.”

The decision ends the litigation.

Quintero is set to serve his term until it runs out in June 2014. He has announced that he will not run again for public office after that date.

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