Burglary Suspect Nabbed

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Photos by Mary O’KEEFE TOP LEFT: Dep, Jorge Valdivia looks over some of the stolen items recovered by CV Sheriff’s on Monday. The suspect, a local man, may be responsible for over 15 burglaries.

y Mary O’KEEFE

A string of local burglaries may have come to an end with the arrest on Sunday of a La Crescenta resident.

On Sunday at about 4:40 p.m. Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station received a call from a witness who had recognized a man, later identified as Anders Goodman, 24, of La Crescenta, walking down the street carrying a duffle bag similar to one that had been stolen from the witness in a burglary that occurred last week, said Sgt. Ray Harley, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, CV Station.

“[Deputies] responded and contacted Goodman while he was walking on Francis near La Crescenta avenues,” Harley said.

“I responded to the call,” said Deputy Bonnie Jones.

“He was not very cautious. He was carrying a duffle bag he had stolen from a home he had just walked past,” she added.

Goodman noticed Jones’ patrol vehicle and walked down a driveway as if he had found his destination.

“When I found him he was wearing a woman’s jacket, carrying the duffle bag, had a camera around his neck and his pockets were stuffed full of [items],” Jones said.

He allegedly asked the deputy what the problem was, still trying to maintain an innocent tone.

“The homeowner came out and wondered what was going on,” she said.

The resident did not know Goodman.

“While we were investigating a man from down the street came up and asked what we were doing. I told him and he said his car had been burglarized a few days prior. He hadn’t reported it,” Jones said.

The man described his missing iPod and umbrella which the deputies found later when they searched Goodman’s residence.

Goodman also matched a description of someone who had attempted to break into a La Crescenta home on Sunday.

“[On Sunday] there were three residential burglaries reported in La Crescenta,” Harley said. “There was another one on Saturday and one on Friday.”

The recovered property has been identified and organized.

“It took me 11 hours to [catalog] all the items we found,” Jones said.

Investigators are still trying to match items with victims.

“I would think he is responsible for 15 or more residential and vehicle burglaries,” Harley said.

“We are still investigating,” Harley added.

Goodman was out on parole.  He served a partial sentence and was released early.

Jones has been a victim of burglary in the past.

“You don’t know how much sweeter it is to catch the [burglar],” she said.



Anyone in La Crescenta who has been a recent victim of a burglary, vehicle or residence, can contact Det. Frank Diana (818) 248-3464.

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