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Measure finds support at board meeting

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The Glendale Unified School District’s board of education held its bi-monthly board meeting with an array of topics to discuss. Summer school, building repairs, textbooks and various other subjects were all on the agenda. However, one topic seemed to overshadow the rest and was heavily on the minds of the viewing public who attended the board meeting.

During the Public Communications segment of the meeting, members of the public can come up to speak in front of the board on any relevant topics. An overwhelming majority of the people who spoke professed their support for a bond measure known as Measure K. Measure K was actually approved with a 74% voter majority in 1997. The various parents, teachers and other school officials were supporting an extension of the bond, which would provide more money for the district’s schools.

Measure K is generally considered a success in its increasing of funds for the schools and reducing of average class sizes. However, with an economy that continues down a path of uncertainty, public speakers were adamant, even anxious, that the board support an extension of the measure. The original Measure K was an $186 million bond; one parent insisted that the new bond would put more than $270 million towards education.

Glendale Superintendent Dr. Richard Sheehan has said that he thinks the bond will be extended, but “there’s a lot of work ahead of us.” The board of education is expected to discuss putting the extension on the 2011 ballot.

Measures require 55% voter approval to be passed. Voter support for Measure K is reported to be as high as 65%.

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