Residents Warned of Burglary Scam

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The Glendale Police Dept. would like to inform the residents of Glendale about a recent scam used to commit a residential burglary.

On Oct. 7 at approximately 10 a.m., a resident in the 4600 block of Lowell Avenue in La Crescenta received a knock on the door. The suspect explained he was hired by a neighbor on Franklin Street to trim trees on the border of his property. The suspect requested the victim to show him his backyard to make sure none of the cut tree branches had fallen on his property. The victim walked the suspect to the rear of the yard while a newer model, white, full size pick-up parked on Lowell Avenue with two male occupants.

As the victim walked the suspect to the backyard, the suspect began talking on a small handheld radio in a foreign language. The victim’s wife locked the front door and walked out to the backyard and joined the conversation. At this point, the suspect distracted the victims by asking them to move to the side of the home so they could get a better look at the trees. After a short discussion, the suspect returned to his car and left the area.

As the victims returned inside their home, they discovered the suspect(s) had entered the rear sliding glass doors, rummaged through drawers in the master bedroom and stole jewelry.

Suspect description: Male white, 45 years old, 5’7″, 250 lbs, wearing a white T-shirt and unknown color pants. The victims were unable to provide a description of the suspects in the vehicle.

Residents should be suspicious of anyone who comes to their door and solicits.

Citizens are encouraged to record details of what they observe (license plates, car and suspect descriptions etc.) and to report those details to the Glendale Police Dept. at (818) 548-4911 or the CV Sheriff’s Station at (818) 248-3464.

Home Burglary Prevention Information

1. Always keep all doors, windows, and garages locked whether home or not.

2. Install an alarm system.

3. Check screens on windows and doors for cuts, openings, slits, and holes. Ensure that the screen is secure and without damage.

4. Install interior light timers and exterior motion sensor lights to give the appearance of occupancy even when the residents are not home.

5. Keep landscape, including all bushes and trees, trimmed to avoid potential hiding places for invaders.

6. Keep blocking devices, such as metal bars or track blockers, on all sliding glass doors.

7. Use crime prevention or alarm system decals on windows that are easily accessible.

8. Never leave packages or other deliveries sitting at the front door. When away for a length of time, have a neighbor collect mail and newspapers to avoid the appearance of vacancy.

9. Call a family meeting to discuss home safety and security and alert neighbors if suspicious activity is seen.

10. Never open the door for a stranger, and always ask for a proof of identification if they claim to be a delivery person, repair man, etc., before opening the door.

11. Photocopy all important documents and keep the copies in a safety deposit box.

12. Always remember to stay aware of your surroundings.

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