Overview of City Budget


The City of Glendale released its annual budget for 2016-17 earlier this year. According to the report, a total of $819,533,134 has been appropriated from the estimated revenue. This year’s budget reflects a $6 million decrease from last year. The 2015-16 fiscal year had a budget of $825,715,929.

Over 40% ($344,147,805) of the current year budget has been allocated to Glendale Water and Power Dept (GWP). GWP is working on a series of projects where these allocated funds will be applied including a possible investment, estimated at around $9 million, to expand the city’s intra and internet with high-speed, city-wide fiber optic internet aimed at businesses.

Of the remaining nearly $500 million, one fifth will be set aside for Public Works, with nearly $100 million for the Glendale Police Dept. and 9% of the total budget allocated for community development.

A chunk of the city’s revenue is expected to come primarily from Charges for Services from departments, such as GWP service for residents and businesses, totaling $464,989,402, or 56.7% of the expected revenue.

Nearly 18% of revenue will be derived from various taxes, such as property, sales and utilities. Sales taxes alone will account for 5.6% of revenue, or $41,478,188, an increase from the first quarter of 2016 reported of $38,071,599.

This increase in tax revenue indicates an expectation in improved retailer performances as high-end apparel stores bring in more shoppers.