A New Look for COPPS

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Next week the new COPPS (Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving) substation at 3808 Ocean View Blvd. in Montrose will open after receiving a face-lift.

“We have new carpets and new blinds,” said North Area Commander Lt. Lola Abrahamian.

In addition, the walls have fresh paint and there is a new counter top at the entrance to the substation. The room is more open as well with an area where police can meet with residents or hold small meetings.

“The substation is a representation of the community,” Abrahamian said.

She wanted the office to look professional but wanted the community feeling to also be represented. To bring Montrose into the substation, Abrahamian had a series of photos installed from the Glendale Police Dept. as well as images of Montrose’s past and present.

There are photos of the opening of the Montrose substation in the late 1990s and a photo that represents the small town policing – two GPD officers talking to a child along Honolulu Avenue.

Perhaps the jewel of the reminiscent decorations is a classic wall clock that was donated by the estate of Anita Geyer, owner of Peet’s Stationary that was once a Honolulu Avenue business. The clock, circa 1924, had been painted and was not working when Abrahamian found it on a shelf.

After a cleaning and some repair, the clock now hangs on the substation’s wall.

The substation is a companion to the GPD Command Area, having a more “cop on the beat” type of policing.

“We have five volunteers who each have a day [to be here],” Abrahamian said.

Glendale police have been hit with the same budget issues as the city, and the country. The substation is kept alive with the help of the Montrose Shopping Park Association, which pays for the substation’s utilities. The remodel was paid for by community members’ donations.

“The [donations] were extremely generous,” Abrahamian said. “We would not have been able to do this without [them].”

With a more open and professional feel, Abrahamian hopes residents will be comfortable coming to the substation.

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