Sandy Russell to Fill Vacant GUSD Seat

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Photo by Isiah REYES GUSD board of education president Greg Krikorian with board member Sandy Russell.

Photo by Isiah REYES
GUSD board of education president Greg Krikorian with board member Sandy Russell.

By Isiah REYES

The Glendale Unified School District board of education has appointed Sandy Russell to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mary Boger, completing the remainder of her term that ends April 7, 2015.

The other finalists were Kevin Cordova-Brookey, Todd Hunt, Elizabeth Manasserian, and Jason Nyhan. These candidates were the final five among a pool of 16 who met the deadline to apply.

By random drawing, the board determined the order of candidates to be interviewed. They each stood at the podium and answered questions.

The board evaluated the candidates and made sure their interests were in Glendale’s public schools and the community, and if they would remain loyal to their fellow board members when under stress.

Each candidate was given one minute for an opening statement, two minutes to answer each question, and a minute for a closing statement.

“You want to come across sincere but you also want to feel intelligent, and you want to make sure that all comes across,” Russell said about being at the podium. “I was very nervous.”

Each board member selected three candidates they thought were most qualified. Superintendent of schools Dr. Richard Sheehan announced how each board member voted and tallied the top two, who were Russell and Nyhan. They each had the opportunity to address the board for another two minutes.

Nyhan was not present at the meeting in person. He communicated with the board from Spain via Skype.

Russell stated to the board that she has the passion to be on the board and she believes in the district and its children.

“I’m still nervous but more excited,” Russell said after she was appointed to the board. “My strengths are that I’m not afraid to ask questions and to really make sure I understand something clearly.”

The swearing-in ceremony will be conducted at the next regularly scheduled board of education meeting on Oct. 21.

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