Montrose Gets Ready for Oktoberfest

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File photo  Lil Miss and Lil Master contest is just one of the activities that will be held at this Saturday’s Oktoberfest.

File photo
Lil Miss and Lil Master contest is just one of the activities that will be held at this Saturday’s Oktoberfest.

The streets will be closed but welcoming arms open to the crowds expected for the annual German celebration.

If you’ve made a commitment to eating right after gorging yourself on Labor Day, you may want to consider taking a break this Saturday because Oktoberfest is returning to Montrose on Oct. 6. From noon until 11 p.m., the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Honolulu Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic and open to crowds of pedestrians eager to pay tribute to German culture and enjoy a bratwurst or two on the side.

Giant turkey legs, Rocky Mountain Chocolate, cinnamon roasted nuts, and other such tempting diet breakers will be available all day. Of course, the Montrose Oktoberfest wouldn’t be itself without the bratwursts and German dinners from Schreiner’s Fine Sausages.

This year marks the 35th Oktoberfest held since the foundation of the event by the Montrose/Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce (MVCCC). The event has since become one of the largest draws in the region, with revelers coming from across Southern California.

Last year was met with concern as other cities in the northern Los Angeles area took note of Montrose’s success with Oktoberfest and attempted their own street events on the same day. Despite this, Scott Trulik, president of the MVCCC, said that crowds at last year’s Oktoberfest exceeded 35,000 – the biggest number yet for the event. This year they’re looking to top that number.     To that end, the MVCCC is working to make the event more appealing to families, especially during the day. Acts and events geared for children will be taking place at the Oktoberfest’s stages.

But the festival will also continue to be a celebration of the joys of beer, with several brands and styles available for Oktoberfest fans.

“It’s kind of like a local reunion,” said Philip Weitz who was enjoying an ice cream with his son on Honolulu Avenue. Now living in San Diego, Philip returned to visit family – and maybe get in a brat.

“My first date was at the Oktoberfest. So the event has a lot of memories for many of us. It’s not just the brats and beer.”

His son, seated next to him, chimed in with what he liked about the event.

“I love the rides,” he said.

Oktoberfest will take place Saturday, Oct. 6 in the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Honolulu Avenue beginning at noon. More information can be found by calling the MVCC at (818) 249-7171 or by visiting the website at

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