Attempted Kidnapping at CSUN


Cal State Northridge campus police are advising students not to walk alone as they go to and from the campus after a report on Tuesday of an attempted kidnapping of a female student.

Los Angeles Police and CSUN Dept. of Police Services are working together to investigate the incident that occurred at 3:40 p.m.

“The female victim, a CSUN student, was grabbed from behind in a ‘bear hug’ while she walked along Dearborn,” according to a statement from CSUN police.

untitledThe student, who was just off campus, fought the suspect and continued to struggle to get away, said Chief Anne Glavin.

“The suspect told the victim if she continued to yell he would kill her. She fought him off kicking and punching and managed to get away and ran to CSUN PD. The suspect fled away from campus,” the statement continued.

The victim told police she thought she had seen the suspect at the school’s Oviatt Library previously. Police are investigating the incident. They have released a composite of the suspect.

CSUN has had a few incidents recently with robberies both on and off campus.

“We had two robberies on campus,” said Christina Villalobos, public information officer for CSUN Dept. of Police Services. “There was one robber off campus.”

The robberies involved cellphones and the sight Offer Up. Victims had offered to sell cellphones on the social media sight, were contacted by someone who said they were interested in buying the item but when they met they stole the cellphone.

In another incident, a robbery occurred between two people who had a prior relationship that ended in a robbery where the suspect took personal items from the victim including car keys.

For those robberies, LAPD and CSUN police have suspects and are working together on obtaining arrest warrants.

Villalobos credits the schools extensive camera system throughout the campus that led investigators to suspects.

For the recent attempted kidnapping Villalobos wants student and parents to know their police department is “working hard and working with LAPD to bring as many resources together” as possible.

Students and parents are being updated via Facebook and emails. The police have sent out crime prevention tips including: If off campus, walk in pairs or groups with friends. While on campus use Matador Patrol personal safety escort service or request a safety escort by calling (818) 677-2111.

CSUN PD ask anyone to report any person who appears to match the suspect description to police immediately by calling CSUN PD detectives at (818) 677-3826 or police dispatch at (818) 677-2111. If on campus dial 9-1-1 from a campus phone or cellphone for emergencies.

The suspect was described as being between 25 and 30 years old, 6 feet 5 inches tall with dark hair. He was seen wearing a black shirt with an unknown red logo and blue jeans, officials said. Campus police believe he may have a named tattooed on his right arm.

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