Drayman Trial Postponed


Former Glendale city councilman John Drayman was granted an extension of his trial date in Los Angeles Superior Court today. The extension was granted until Nov. 15.

Attorney Michael Kraut, who represented Drayman during the discovery portion of the case, turned over discovery about a week ago to the Public Defender’s Office. John Powers from the Public Defender’s Office is now representing Drayman. Powers has yet to review the information.

“The discovery was done prior by Mr. Kraut and turned over to the Public Defender’s Office,” said DA Susan Schwartz. “There’s a lot of information and it’s going to take time [to review].”

Powers did not comment.

Drayman is facing 28 felony charges including embezzlement, filing false tax returns, money laundering, forgery, falsifying a financial statement, and perjury by declaration.