County bans smoking in parks

The L.A. Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Sept. 15  voted 4-1 to ban smoking in county parks, beaches and recreation facilities.
The no vote came from board president Don Knabe, who did not explain his position.
The ban will include Crescenta Valley Park and Two Strike Park. Smoking will be allowed for actors and models in film productions, and will also be allowed in designated areas of contract-operated facilities.
All of the public speakers supported the ban including a number of representatives from public golf. The city of Los Angeles exempted golf courses from its ban on park smoking.
In addition to speakers expressing concern about second hand smoke, issues were also raised about litter from cigarette butts and about fire safety.
According to the report, smoking costs the county $4.3 billion each year in health costs, illness and premature death.
Cost of the ban will be $36,000 in signage and an educational outreach campaign.

–By Charles COOPER

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