CVTC Pancake Breakfast

Photos by Charly SHELTON
Photos by Charly SHELTON


Pancake breakfasts are a common fundraiser for many groups who want to get out in the community and further their cause. It puts the members of the organization in touch with other groups who volunteer their time and resources and brings in the members of the community for a face-to-face interaction, as well as pancakes. This is exactly what the Crescenta Valley Town Council did on Saturday at Crescenta Valley High School.

According to organizers, the 8th Annual CVTC Pancake Breakfast was a huge success, welcoming about 500 people in the first two hours of operation who came to enjoy pancakes, sausage, eggs and fruit, and to meet the Town Council.


“The specialty this year was teddy bear pancakes – we have special little pans for the kids and they look like teddy bears,” said Robbyn Battles, president of CV Town Council.

Battles, along with nearly the entire Town Council, was on hand to mix batter, serve breakfast and work the griddle at the fundraiser. Volunteer organizations pledged support in manpower and resources, including the kitchen cart, a circa 1942 Air Force People Mover which has been converted into a kitchen by the Griffith Park Lions Club.

“It was given to the Burbank Airport, who gave it to us and we put in the grills and everything. The tires were put in [when the People Mover was built] in 1942, and we changed them two years ago,” said Boris Stoikoff of the Griffith Park Lions Club. He and the Lions Club have been with this cart for seven years, donating it for use to many different organizations for breakfast fundraisers.

In addition to the donations of resources such as the kitchen cart, many organizations donated their members’ time and labor. The Crescenta Valley High School Jazz Band provided live entertainment for the diners, and organizations with student volunteers like Prom Plus, Academy of Science and Medicine and CVHS Choir, had student representatives at the event, looking for a way to help in any capacity.


“I love the fact that the kids are fighting over what group gets to help us,” said Battles. “How much better does that get?”

Adult volunteers were plentiful as well, with new groups and individuals reached via Facebook and an email newsletter – a first for this event.

“Several [people] are here because [they want to volunteer as individuals and not with a group]. Some are here because they have a kid in a program here at CV and some are here just because, which I thought was really nice,” said Battles.

Supervisor Michael Antonovich was in attendance as well, another first for this event. Supervisor Antonovich came to the breakfast to show his support for CVTC and all that they do.


“It’s a wonderful opportunity for the community to be recognized and be served by the Town Council, who are part of the community, and show that they are involved,” said Antonovich. “They are great role models for the citizens in La Crescenta.”

“It’s fun,” said Battles of the event. “You get to see everybody and everybody’s happy because they’re eating.”

Supervisor Antonovich was happy to have attended and was complimentary of the effort and the event overall. Reflecting on the CVHS Jazz Band playing and all the families around, Antonovich smiled and added, “It’s like Mayberry.”

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