New Look for the COPPS Shop

Photo by Michael YEGHIAYAN
Photo by Michael YEGHIAYAN


The Glendale Police Dept. COPPS substation in the Montrose Shopping Park is currently in the process of long-awaited renovations. Over the next few weeks, the interior of the building will undergo significant upgrades before a scheduled reopening sometime in October.

The Montrose substation is primarily used to serve the needs of residents in the northern part of the city, offering fingerprinting services and enabling officers to file reports locally.

Officer Abraham Chung, whose patrol includes the Montrose area, often staffs the substation. He spoke about its role in the community.

“The substation is staffed Monday through Friday by volunteers and helps with any concerns or questions someone walking by might have,” said Chung. “It’s not staffed 24/7 by police officers, but it will often have myself or other officers on the beat in there either writing their report or [if they happen] to be around the area.”

Renovations include replacement carpeting and furniture, and interior painting. Some exterior improvements will also be made, including new signage.

The renovations have been made possible by a $10,000 donation of a Glendale resident who, according to police, is a local neighborhood watch block captain.

“It was definitely in need of renovations. It wasn’t to our standards,” explained Chung. “We felt that with the shopping park being gracious enough to donate that space and pay our utilities, it was better for both our volunteers and the community who will now see a professional look that shows what we stand for.”

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