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The Power of Women – and Pancakes

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta  Valley Weekly. She can be  reached at  or (818) 248-2740.
Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be
reached at
or (818) 248-2740.

The Republican Club of the Foothills at its next meeting on Sept. 26 is hosting two politically connected women who will talk on their experiences in Washington, DC. A portion of the promotional material that I received states that “women will be the deciding voting factor in both the 2014 and 2016 election cycles and women’s attentiveness and deep-seeded concern for the future and well-being of their children and the family unit is a powerful force that will make a positive difference in the political structure, both locally and nationally.” (To learn more information about the Sept. 26 meeting, visit our Just For Fun/Calendar This section.)

As most of you know, I’m embarrassingly disconnected to most things relating to politics. But when it comes to the influence that women exert, I couldn’t agree more with the viewpoint expressed above. When women put their heads (and hearts) together, there is no telling what can be accomplished. I had the privilege of addressing such a group of forward-thinking, educated and dynamic women on Saturday morning.

The American Assn. of University Women – AAUW – has been around since 1881. Their mission is to “promote equity and education for women and girls.” They invited me to speak to the group on Saturday morning at the Oakmont Country Club.

The ladies were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the start. When I took the mic to talk about the Crescenta Valley Weekly and its history, they seemed interested in what I had to say. Of course, the CV Weekly is one of my favorite subjects and I could definitely have overstayed my welcome (I’m grateful they didn’t pull out the “hook” to yank me off the stage). Knowing the history of this organization and its affinity for women and their aspirations and accomplishments, I was particularly honored that they thought I had an interesting story to share. After I was finished speaking, some really interesting questions were asked.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the AAUW and thank them again for the privilege of sharing a Saturday morning with them.


In that same vein, I had a nice call from a gentleman who lives in La Cañada who wanted to let me know how much he enjoys the Crescenta Valley Weekly. He had read my commentary from Sept. 5, the one that reflected on being in business for four years (Four Down). I appreciated his phone call as well as the many cards and letters and notes we receive at the office every week thanking us for the paper. As I told my caller, it’s gratifying when you have an idea you think is a winner and then, when you take it public, it’s is so widely embraced. I am humbled almost daily by the sheer appreciation and support by the community. Just so you know, it’s sometimes hard doing what we do, but the support we get from our readers and advertisers makes it worth it. Thank you.


And finally, did someone say pancakes? This Saturday morning is the annual CV Town Council pancake breakfast over at Crescenta Valley High School. The town council’s pancake breakfast kicks off several that are being held in the area over the next couple of weeks. All of them are fundraisers, so I hope you plan to attend them all.

In addition to Saturday’s at CV High School, another is being held on Sept. 28 at Fremont Elementary (benefitting the school’s sixth grade class) and still another is on Oct. 5 at Rosemont Middle School. The average cost is $5 and – let’s face it – there’s no better deal in town. These organizations are actually doing us a favor by having these delicious deals.

And at CV High School on Saturday morning, Prom Plus is being honored for its service to the community over the last 20 years.

See you at the quad at the high school, fork in hand.

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