UPDATE: Suspicious package deemed safe

LASD robot approached suspicious briefcase on the Rosemont Avenue overpass.

UPDATE: An incident involving a suspicious briefcase that was left at the southwest corner of Altura and Rosemont avenues ended at about 7:30 p.m. when an arson and explosive units robot was deployed to investigate.

The robot malfunctioned necessitating officers to suit up in protective gear. They assessed the package and found that it was not an explosive device.


Photo by Danny Goldsworthy

California Highway Patrol called sheriffs after an informant reported a suspicious briefcase left at the freeway overpass at Rosemont Avenue just south of Altura around 5:15 p.m. The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s department has cordoned off the area restricting access on Rosemont between Altura and Mayfield avenues.
“The way it is positioned is like it was purposely set there which is why we are taking these precautions,” said Lt. Angela Shephard of the CV Sheriff’s Station.

The arson and explosives unit has been called as a precaution to make certain the package is rendered safe. It has a robot on scene to assist with the assessment.

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