Council adopts marijuana moratorium

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By Charles Cooper

The Glendale City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a moratorium on the opening of medical marijuana facilities in the city.

The zoning code does not list such facilities as a permitted use, but litigation is currently challenging a city’s right to ban such use.

The moratorium, initially in effect for 45 days, will allow the city to develop a policy on such uses, in light of the actions of other cities and the outcome of the current litigation. Under state law, the moratorium can be extended up to a total of a year.

Marijuana dispensaries were created as a response to state proposition 215, which allows the use of cannabis under a doctor’s orders for serious medical conditions.

State law allows such use, but federal drug laws classify marijuana as a class one drug, and a number of dispensaries have been raided in California and other states.

Law enforcement agencies maintain that the state law has led to open use of the drug, resale to other users, driving under the influence, robberies and complaints from surrounding businesses and from neighbors. Los Angeles allows such sites, and one is located in Tujunga.

A San Francisco assembly member introduced a bill to allow recreational use of the drug, and tax it for state revenue.

When the moratorium returns for review, the council will have a full discussion on the issue, including concerns from police.

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