Montecuollo Named New Glendale College Chief of Police


Glendale Police Department Lt. Gary Montecuollo has been announced as the new Glendale Community College Chief of Police.

Montecuollo has worked in almost every aspect of the Glendale police force from community policing to S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics).

“I have been teaching at the school for 16 years,” said Montecuollo.

His knowledge of the school and his experience as a GPD officer seemed a perfect match for the job of college chief of police.

“I feel like I have a family at GPD and at GCC,” he said.

When he found the college was looking for applicants he decided to apply.

“I think I can make a difference,” he said.

The goal of the college is to ensure the students’ success and safety. Montecuollo said one of the focuses for public safety is emergency preparedness. The college may be a place used for shelter but officials will also have to be ready to deal with students impacted by any emergency.

“And just being a resource for the students,” he said.

Montecuollo will continue his job as teacher. He is the instructor for administration of justice classes dealing with criminal justice, polices and procedures of criminal justice and community relations.

With his background with both GPD and GCC, Montecuollo will be a liaison between the two agencies to continue to build on communication and help for an even stronger partnership.