Angeles National Forest opens San Gabriel Canyon and wants to offer a lesson learned regarding the cause of the Williams Fire

Angeles National Forest has reopened the San Gabriel Canyon for recreational use.  The Williams Fire has been declared 100% contained and the canyon is once again open to the public effective immediately.  The canyon offers our visitors a variety of recreational opportunities including, fishing, picnicking and hiking.


Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Road will remain closed awhile longer so that debris can be removed from the roads before reopening to the public.  If you have questions regarding either of the Los Angeles County Roads please contact at (626) 458-5100 (M-Th).


The cause of the Williams Fire has been determined to be a vehicle which was parked on top of dry brush in a turnout.  The dry brush ignited from the vehicle’s hot undercarriage.  We ask that all visitors to the forest remain aware of their surroundings and be diligent in making sure that their visit is a safe one.  Please do not park or place any hot items near dry vegetation which can ignite and result in another tragic fire.


It is important that everyone remains “situationally aware” of their surroundings and the responsibilities associated with that when visiting the Forest.  We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit while increasing their awareness and understanding of the current situation and the potential for wildfire.


For more information on the status of specific recreation sites within the Angeles, please contact the corresponding District Office listed below or visit the Forest website by searching the web for Angeles National Forest.