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Town Council considers safety measures for Monte Vista

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The CV Town Council is considering speed bumps for Orange Avenue.

It may be a bumpy road ahead for travelers of the 2600 block of Orange Avenue as the Crescenta Valley Town Council ponders recommending the installation of speed bumps in front of Monte Vista Elementary School.

The speed bumps were the major topic of discussion at the most recent CV Town Council meeting held on Thursday evening, Aug. 20. Residents living near the school expressed their desire to have the speed bumps installed as a deterrent to what has been described as rapid, and sometimes reckless, driving by parents dropping their children off for school.

“Maniacs driving their children down the wrong side of the street,” was how Michelle Profeta, who lives on the nearby corner of Cecilville and Orange avenues, described what she has observed over the last several years. She is a proponent of the speed bumps and asked the council to consider having them installed on Cecilville as well as Orange Avenue. Councilmembers Steve Goldsworthy and Robbyn Battles are spearheading the councilʼs effort of finding the best method to create a safer environment for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic at Monte Vista.

Though the bumps are not the only method being considered, Goldsworthy stated that he felt the bumps offered the “most impact potential” of increasing safety at the school. Battles reported that for the first few weeks of the school year, California Highway Patrol will also have a “heavy presence” near the school to inform and enforce. Pat McLeod,another Orange Avenue resident, noted that the street is a “speedway” at night, too, and praised the presence of CHP.

“When CHP is out there itʼs glory hallelujah day!” she said. CHP Officer Andre Primeaux attended the meeting and seemed pleased at the positive response given to the news that CHP will be on hand, however he cautioned those in the audience. He said that many times it was residents losing their patience trying to get out of their driveway in the mornings that were also guilty of creating unsafe situations. Primeaux reminded the audience that citations would be issued regardless of who the offender was. Battles also said that the creation of an alternate “drop zone” for Monte Vista students was being established next week at nearby Two Strike Park on Rosemont Avenue. She is seeking assistance from parents to help man the zone.

Once the school year begins, a traffic survey will be initiated to solicit the opinions of residents.

Monte Vista Principal Susan Hoge said the school was eager to help with the problem. “We are working to communicate and educate our kids and parents,” she said.

At the meeting, the town council also recognized members of the department of public works and members of the Crescenta Valley Water District. “They are watching over our water quality and generously donated land for the Welcome to La Crescenta sign,” said Town Council President Steve Pierce. “It was a great pleasure to work with them.”

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2 Responses for “Town Council considers safety measures for Monte Vista”

  1. Annie Brewer says:

    I pick up my son from Monte Vista’s after school care (RAP) at 5:30 p.m. daily and I am shocked at the speed people drive on Orange Avenue even when there is no morning rush. I guess the evening rush to get home applies as well. It’s very scary!

    P.S. Can we get speedbumps on Cloudcrest Road? People drive like maniacs everywhere!

  2. Vickere says:

    Speed humps would help a lot on Orange in the block near the school and in fact all the way west to Ramsdell. Because the street is a major through street, though, probably the best success would be with split humps like the County installed on Altura, since these allow fire trucks to proceed without having to slow down too much at each hump.

    BTW, when we were investigating this issue in Altadena nearly ten years ago, I learned that speed “bumps” are the raised berms that go from one side of the street to the other but are only about 12-18″ from front to back. You often see them in parking lots where significant slowing is called for. “Humps” are the berms that have a pretty long travel distance, nearly 5 feet, and which let cars proceed over them at moderate speeds without too much jarring of the driver. It’s split humps that are on Altura and probably what the County would install on Orange in front of Monte Vista if the investigation shows they’re warranted.

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