Parent Resource Sessions: Pam Erdman

GUSD and the Crescenta Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition (CVDAPC) are sponsoring a confidential support resource to all parents of Rosemont, CV and Clark students during the entire school year. Please join Pam Erdman, licensed marriage, family, and child (teens included)therapist for presentations and discussions on parenting teens. These are one-hour meetings every Tuesday evening (except during school holidays). Several sessions will be conducted at the CV Auditorium but the majority of the sessions will be conducted at the La Canada YMCA. Encourage fellow parents to attend as well. The pre-teen and teenage years are turbulent and this is an opportunity for direct support.


9/7 @ CV Auditorium 7:15 pm Parenting Foundations: Parenting is a great privilege but also can be confusing and aggravating at our first meeting of the school year we will discuss the ONE most important aspect of parenting. When we as parents understand how to build a strong parenting foundation, we will be far less confused and aggravated.

9/14 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Communication with Teens Part 1: Come and hear the three most important aspects of communication between parents and teens. Feeling more confident about your ability to communicate with your pre-teen or teenager can transform the course of your relationship.

9/21 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Communication with Teens Part 2: Some teens talk a lot about their life and experiences, but many stop talking when they hit adolescence. We worry when they are silent, because we don’t know what is happening in their lives. We will explore ways to help our children to be more honest and communicative.


10/5 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Risky Behavior: Teens are prone to experiment with risky behavior including mentally checking out of school, driving fast and use of drugs and alcohol. We will talk about the ways that this can be positive and the ways that this can be seriously concerning. We will look at the best way to respond to all types of risky behavior.

10/12 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Boundaries with Tech Devices and Social Activities: A teen’s life revolves around cellphones and friends, sometimes to the detriment of all other opportunities. What is the best way to set boundaries for our teens?

10/19 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Respectful Behavior: What is the best response to the outrageous things that teens say, request and do? Sometimes we are angry, confused and reactionary to our kid’s behavior, but we don’t need to be. Come and hear specific new ways to respond.

10/26 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Teen Sexuality: Come and hear how to talk to your teen and the important content every teen needs to hear from parents. This is a tough topic but your teen needs your guidance.

10/21 Thursday @ CVHS PTA Meeting 7:00 pm, Location TBD Surviving the Turbulent Teen Years: When our children become teens, we sometime feel as if they become a different person. We can even wonder who this new person is. While they are growing and changing, they need us to understand them and provide as much stability as possible. We will be talking about how to be stabilizing in the midst of the turbulence of change.


11/2 @ YMCA 7:15 pm When Parents Have Different Parenting Styles: Sometimes our biggest struggle as parents is not our child but the adults that are parenting alongside us: spouses, siblings, grandparents, step parents. We as adults don’t agree on how to respond and it makes the tensions of parenting more difficult. We will talk about how to smooth out these challenges.

11/9 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Peer Pressure: Your teen experiences intense peer pressure. We will talk about why it can be so intense and what you can do to support your teen in coping with peer pressure.

11/16 @ YMCA 7:15 pm Communication: Communicating with teens can be tricky, arduous, and explosive. There are communication styles that make dialogue so much more successful. We will be role-playing these techniques, so that you can hear and understand what they are.

11/30 @ CV Auditorium 7:15 pm Surviving the stressful holiday season: Come and hear how to set limits and avoid over scheduling, minimize student unsupervised time and talk to your teen about the dangers of drinking.

Hold the Date: Additional sessions during the first semester will be 12/7, 12/14, 1/11, 1/18, and 1/25. Topics TBD.

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