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Compliance Checks Yield Arrests

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Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men during a parole compliance check on Monday at 9 a.m. in the 350 block of Linden Avenue in Burbank. A patrol compliance check is when law enforcement visits those on parole to make certain they are in compliance with all of their parole conditions.

Ronald Makegrove, 68, of Burbank was on parole for burglary. Deputies arrived at his home where he was sweeping the front driveway. He allegedly explained that he was living with another man, later identified as Michael Callahan, 38, of Burbank in a garage behind the home.

Deputies detained Makegrove and went to the garage where they discovered Callahan sitting on a sofa watching television. They also saw, reportedly in plain view, three rifles sitting against a wall near a door.

Callahan allegedly told deputies he was on probation for drug paraphernalia.

Deputies found that one of the guns was loaded with ammunition. They continued to investigate and found what appeared to be methamphetamine in two sandwich bags, a digital scale and cash on a nearby dresser. In addition, deputies found another digital scale and several rounds of ammunition, a glass pipe often used for drug use with a white residue on one end and a flare gun.  The flare gun appeared to be altered to fit a 12 gauge shot gun shell inside.

The men were arrested for suspicion of possession of a narcotic,  possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm with narcotics.

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