Weather in the Foothills

“The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it
And wrong too often for us to rely on it.” – Patrick Young

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Temperatures climbed toward 100 degrees last weekend. You may recall, according to Weather in The Foothills, daytime highs were predicted to be in the mid 80s. Well, things changed. The foothills were geographically right in-between two systems – high pressure to the east and low pressure off the coast. Only a slight shift can make for a different weather outcome. Not surprising for August, the cooler low stayed out at sea. The door was now open for warmer than anticipated conditions to develop as the high pressure moved right in. Oh well, nice try. Now back to summer as usual.

Last week in the Crescenta Valley Weekly, a letter to the editor caught my eye-

“Chemtrail Alert.” I have read and heard opinions about chemtrails, but never gave them much thought. Based on collective research from NASA, NOAA, FAA, EPA, USAF and even Greenpeace, here is a brief summary on the subject.

Seen on clear days are contrails (condensation trails) created by water vapor emissions from aircraft as the hot air from the engine air combines with colder air. Depending on altitude and humidity, the contrail will either dissipate quickly or may even spread, forming cirrus clouds.

The term chemtrail (chemical trail) began in 1996 when the Air Force was accused of “spraying  mysterious substances” from planes “generating unusual contrail patterns.” Often referred to as a conspiracy theory, chemtrails are the supposed result of chemicals that are released into the atmosphere for solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, population control, warfare and weather modification. Respiratory illnesses or other serious health problems can allegedly also result.

The organizations and agencies mentioned above feel this theory lacks evidence and are not correct.

This column is about weather and related topics. So once again, I claim “amateur  status” on the continuing chemtrail controversy. Yes, I have an opinion. Thankfully, I don’t write a real opinion column. Although you may know my thoughts on rain, summer evenings, family and dogs – but certainly nothing of a political nature.

Weather is experienced outside the science laboratory; its forces are out of our hands. Predictions from meteorologists often slip through their fingers.

Our forecast: seasonal temperatures until early next week with a slight chance of rain – leftovers from the tropics.

Don’t rush out to the local umbrella store just yet!

Sue Kilpatrick is a Crescenta Valley
resident and Official Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service.
Reach her at